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Earless toad phylogenomics

A collaboration with the Center for Anchored Phylogenomics at Florida State Univeristy

The earless toad project is teaming up with the Lemmons' Center for Anchored Phylogenomics to do a new study on the genetics of earlessness in true toads (family Bufonidae).

We will:

  • Investigate 50+ genes known to be involved in tetrapod ear development as well as anuran development rate
  • Look for shared mutations across ear loss and potential ear regain events
  • Determine whether any of the genes involved in ear development are under selection pressures

We would like to thank the Lemmons' and the many incredible techs in their Center for Anchored Phylogenomics for their efforts in this study and for being such incredible hosts when I went to visit and see their impressive operation in action.

We also thank the National Science Foundation for funding this study through a Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (DDIG).

And for those of you who spend a lot of time pipetting. Drool over this machine that does it for you.

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