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Earless toad research at SSAR

In late July/Early August a few members of the Hoke lab (Kim Hoke, Jenny Stynoski, Ty Fiero and myself) took a road trip to the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles (SSAR) along with CSU professor, Rachel Mueller, and Funk lab member, Mónica Páez. 

Undergraduate researcher, Ty Fiero, presented a poster on his summer REU research investigating whether earless toad species had associated changes in skull morphology besides their lack of middle and outer ear structures. He even had 3D printed eared and earless skulls to show shape differences. Go Ty! 

I gave a talk on hearing loss of earless toad species, the lack of shared structure changes across earless species and proposed hypotheses for why skulls of earless toads species might be generally smaller than eared species. 

A big thanks to the coordinators of the SSAR conference and to the SSAR for their support of student research through the Student Travel Award that helped fund my cross-Kansas road trip. 

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