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Earless toads invade the

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

We recently had a very fun outreach event at the incredibly fun Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.

Every Saturday the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery has a "Meet the Animals Day" where live animals and lots of other cool exhibits are on display for anyone to explore, experience, and enjoy!

On a recent Saturday some of the 'earless' toad crew + other Hoke lab members contributed some earless toad displays to tell people about toad skulls, toad hearing and communication, and other ongoing research in the Hoke lab.

We had:

3D models of eared and earless skulls as well as some 3D printed skulls (thanks to undergrad researcher extraordinaire, Ty Fiero).

"earless toad surround sound" where anyone could come put on headphones and listen to pop songs or toad calls that had the frequencies earless toads do not hear well knocked out - mimicking earless toad hearing.

Here is a clip from a Taylor swift song in "earless toad surround sound".

Cleared and stained toads in various stages of development - from left to right - tadpole, metamorphosing tadpole, post-metamorphosis toadlet, and a slightly older toadlets.

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