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Final thesis field season

More toad hearing tests!

First it was off to Quito, Ecuador to test the hearing of a beautiful toad species (Atelopus limón) that our collaborators (Luis Coloma et al.) at Jambatu have been breeding. They have raised a ton of these beautiful toads all the way to adulthood!
I also got to see some breeding pairs in action! 
Lastly, I got to check in on a species that has been hard to breed (Rhamphophryne festae) because we are not sure the conditions they breed in or whether they produce tadpoles or are a direct developing species, which produce little toadlets straight out of the egg with no tadpole phase at all! It will be exciting if we can learn the answer. 
You can see that Rhamphophryne festae are really cryptic and would be hard to see among brown leaves and dirt, where they spend a lot of their time hiding.
Then it was off to Oxapampa Peru where I got to see the beautiful breeding set up our post-doc Jenny Stynoski and our collaborator Flor Trama. They have successfully raised Rhinella yunga tadpoles to the juvenile stage! Rhinella yunga had not been bred until now! 
In previous field seasons I learned that Rhinella yunga adults hear extremely well despite not having ears. This season I tested the hearing of our juvenile Rhinella yunga to try and discover how this earless species hears so well and whether their size effects their ability to hear. I used vaseline to experimentally test whether they were using their lungs or their skulls to transmit sound vibrations to the inner ear. 
I also tested the hearing of this handsome adult Rhinella leptoscelis that has an ear. I am happy report can hear very well! You can tell its size by comparing it to the apple icon on my macbook pro. 
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