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Hoke lab undergraduate researchers rock CURC

Above photo - Avery Bodlak in front of the poster he and Ty Fiero presented.
Avery is holding a tablet with one of the 3D ear models he and Ty created for their research comparing skull structures across eared and earless toads.
Hoke lab undergraduates researching the evolution of ear loss in toads rocked the undergraduate research symposium at Colorado State University (CURC). 
We had 5 students (Avery Bodlak, Ty Fiero, Mitchell Leroy, Dawnetta McGowan & Meredith Voyles) and 4 posters representing various aspects of the toad research going on in the Hoke lab.
Congratulations to all presenters for their amazing posters as well as all the research hours that went into preparing the data to put on them! 
Above - Dawnetta McGowan presenting her honors thesis data on morphological differences between skull structures of eared and earless toads. As well as her work creating 3D printed toad ears.
Above - Meredith Voyles displaying her research on the middle ear adaptation of a toad species that calls and hears at high frequencies 
Above - Mitchell Leroy showing off is new 3D model of an earless toad and comparing it to the 3D model of an eared toad. 
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