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New Year, New Post Doc, New Breeding Site!

2015 started off with a bang! 

Actually, the bang was a few days earlier when a double decker bus hit our rented field truck. 

The Hoke Lab nabbed an amazing new post doc! Jenny Stynoski (pictured below) will be heading up the earless toad development project. She transitioned from Costa Rica to our field site in Oxapampa to the Hoke Lab home base in Fort Collins, CO without breaking a sweat! Probably because both Oxampampa and Fort Collins are quite a bit colder than Costa Rica.

Most of the Hoke Lab rang in the new year in Oxapampa, Peru where species from the earless toad project are being bred to learn about developmental differences between eared and earless toads. The field trip was extremely successful! We found lots of bufonid tadpoles and quite a few adults for the breeding project. I ran some hearing tests on adult toads while Jenny started raising the younger ones. The toads pictured below just grew all their legs and left the water.

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