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Trees of Toads

Bodega Bay phylogenetics workshop helps shed new analytical light on the earless toad project

I recently attended the Bodega Bay phylogenetics workshop and it was a wonderful, sleep deprived experience that brought new insights to analyzing ear loss in a phylogenetic context. 
Ancestral reconstruction revealed an earless ancestral state for toads and estimate there have been at least 12 ear loss and 4 ear regain events across the family! 
Analyzing the relationship between size and ear loss has also led to some interesting results - here is a pretty preview of that data. 
This data uses the most recent bufonid phylogeny published by Pyron and Wiens (2011) but a new bufonid phylogeny may be in the works for my thesis and the Hoke lab! 
A big thanks to all the instructors of the course as well as all of the wonderful participants. It was a great help to my research and the earless project as a whole.
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